Corporate Health & Wellness

Green Sky Fitness want to help people, “Find the new you.”  We specialise in providing benefit to businesses and organisations through the provision of fitness, sports and educational related initiatives.  

Green Sky Fitness priorities:

  • Improve mental and physical fitness
  • Provide quality service
  • Improve confidence and motivation
  • Improve health & increase wellbeing
  • Educate on healthy wellbeing and lifestyle

With 20 years experience of working with local communities in both educational and sporting settings, we are recognised by local authorities, the NHS, colleges, private companies and Middlesbrough Football club.


We are currently working closely with a number of national companies to deliver various health and wellness initiatives to their workforce. 

Statistics provided by the companies we work with show that by implementing a corporate health and wellbeing programme for staff, sickness absence has been reduced by up to 62% with staff morale increased by 57%

What can we do?


Incorporates elements of meditation, visualisation and mindfulness to help staff reduce stress and cope with the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Workplace Challenges

These are a great way to get your staff moving while on shift. We set your employees a number of challenges to complete during their working day. We may ask them to use the stairs instead of the lift or drink a glass of water instead of the 6thcup of coffee/tea.


We can deliver a Bootcamp fitness session for your staff.  This will not only give them a great workout, but also create a camaraderie amongst the workforce as they push each other to succeed and complete.


Fuses kickboxing techniques and exercise to give a full body workout.

Personal Training (individual and small groups)

We offer bespoke programmes for individuals and small groups who share a common goal.  We can help with weight loss, weight gain, competition preparation and general fitness.


Dodgeball is one of the fastest growing sports in UK and we are recognised by the National Governing Body for delivering all things Dodgeball.  A great game to build staff morale, team camaraderie and healthy competition in the workforce.

Ultimate Frisbee

A great game that truly captures the essence of working as a team and promoting fair play throughout; it’s a fantastic cardio vascular workout.  Imagine American football meets netball and you’ve got a game of Ultimate. 


This is great for those who want something light to start off their fitness journey.  We can take your staff into the fresh air with our mobile baskets and begin playing a round of disc (Frisbee) golf.



Massage – Doesn’t everyone love a massage? Well by offering your employees a 20 minute treatment, you get back a happy camper who is relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of the day.  This can also be a great way to help de-stress at the end of a shift.

Competitions and Tournaments

Now your staff have played one of our many team sports, why not host a tournament so they can pit their wits against their team mates.  A great way to create healthy rivalries and motivate the workforce.